A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Combat is one of my first projects from my coursework studying at USC's Interactive Media and Games Division in Fall 2015. I worked on this emulation with Jason Xu, one of my colleagues at USC.

Inspired by the Atari 2600's Combat, this game will pit you against a local opponent in a war to destroy the opposing team's tower. One player uses a gamepad, while the other uses the keyboard. Launch tanks, set up traps, and fire missiles to take down your opponent and claim glory! A full description and detailed controls are provided within the downloadable folder.

Thank for viewing, and we hope you enjoy!

Install instructions

Unzip the respective zip file for your operating system.

For Windows users, unzip the Windows version and keep both the .exe file and the Data folder in the same folder.

For Mac users, unzip the Mac version and launch using the .app file.


Chariot_Hurlow_Xu.zip 25 MB

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